Meet Your Moderators


Kelly Beekman

Kelly Beekman is a negotiator, moderator, and consultant. A former NGO analyst working on Arab Spring policy issues, Kelly has spent her consulting career eliciting the diverse perspectives of key stakeholders on issues. She holds degrees in theology and Islamic Studies from Boston College and the University of Chicago. As a partner in Envoy, she leads the firm’s work in insight gathering on our clients’ target customers.


Scott Wayne

Scott Wayne is a speaker, negotiator, and moderator. A former British diplomat, Scott has spent his career investigating opportunities, building partnerships, and negotiating outcomes in both the private and public sector. He holds degrees in International Relations from the London School of Economics (LSE) and Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. Scott is the author of The Cartography of Negotiation, a hands-on guide to the field.


Stinson Mundy

Stinson Mundy is negotiator, lawyer, moderator. Her days are spent investigating decision-making processes and bringing parties together to find mutual interests and paths forward. She holds degrees in international history from James Madison University and Durham University in the UK., along with a J.D. from the University of Richmond.