Sooner or later, all strategies, even the most successful, run out of steam. We’re all forced to reinvent ourselves periodically. These exercises are intended to help your team generate new ideas and approaches to growth by thinking through new strategy scenarios that can be applied to their organization. 



Extreme Inspiration

Inspiration: E.M Roger’s concept of Diffusion of Innovation (DOI) Theory.

Description: We deploy the DOI model to investigate both ends of the customer innovation spectrum – non-users and super users.  Participants generate new product and service ideas based on the perspectives and activities of both populations.

Audience: Product Teams, Innovation Teams, Leadership Teams

Outcome: Ideas for a new products and services for your existing market.




Inspiration: The stories we all read of corporate goliaths being destroyed overnight by unicorns. It’s important to understand that you are never too big to fail.

Description: We all know the stories about corporate goliaths getting disrupted by “unicorns.” In this exercise, your team adopts a start-up mentality – you have no legacy infrastructure of employees, just a pile of cash from private equity and the mission to put your (now former) employer out of business. Now, what do you build? The exercise highlights vulnerabilities to be defended against and market opportunities to be investigated.

Audience: Strategy Teams, Leadership Teams, Board of Directors

Outcome: Vulnerabilities to be defended against, market opportunities to be investigated.




Inspiration: What an all learn from the experiences and failures of those outside of our own industry. Ever wondered what a law firm could learn from a local bakery? Or what a pharmaceutical company could learn from a tattoo parlour? There is only one way to find out... talk to them.

Description: We will moderate a series of discussions, dinners and panels for your team to interact with businesses in different industries in order to steal what they do well and bring it back to apply to your business.

Audience: Product and Marketing Teams

Outcome: A new perspective on how to approach your market.