The saying goes “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” So let’s stop wishing and start planning. These exercises are created to help your leadership team create a path forward to reach the goals of your organization. 



If... Then...

Inspiration: The unpredictable world we live in. A world increasingly filled with a multitude of uncertainties and choices.

Description: We run through a series of short scenarios and catalog how the business would respond. Hurricane? Stock market crash? Product recall? Terrorism? Competitor bankruptcy? Import tariffs? You get the gist. Fast-paced, humorous, mind-stretching. Imagining the possible and the “impossible.” (Combines well with Divide and Conquer drill.)

Audience: Strategy Teams, Leadership Teams

Outcome: Preparedness and practice for the unexpected.



Red Team- Blue Team

Inspiration: Cold War exercises on defeating communism. Red Teams (aggressors) vs Blue Team (defenders) running through multiple scenarios and war games.

Description: Your group splits in two. One half plays the role of your company (Blue Team) defending against creative strategies of the Red Team (your greatest strategic rival). Manoeuvre vs manoeuvre, we run through plausible real-world scenarios to ensure you’re ready with responses for what the opposition could potentially throw at you.

Audience: Leadership Teams, Board of Directors, Strategy Teams

Outcome: A list of vulnerabilities to respond to and opportunities to focus on moving forward.