The skill of understanding what it's like to be someone else and see things from their perspective is critical in business. Whether you're trying to better understand your customer, negotiate with a key stakeholder, or get to you know your team better, these exercises will help you walk in the shoes of the other as the other...or as we often remind clients “to disenthrall ourselves from ourself.”



Stakeholder Perspective

Inspiration: A response to the self-reinforcing digital bubbles, an exercise designed to disenthrall ourselves from ourselves and see the world through the eyes of key stakeholders.

Description: Using public domain sources, you research key stakeholders and compile background information and motives to be used in business development and strategic partnership discussions and negotiations.

Audience: Business Development Teams, Corporate Strategy Teams, Procurement Teams

Outcome: A methodology and practice for gathering information to influence key stakeholders and start meaningful conversations. And, a reminder that it’s not all about you...



Customer Journey Mapping

Inspiration: The customer journey map is a visual that illustrates how customers engage with a company whether it be through a product, an online experience, a retail experience, a service, or any combination.

Description: We identify your core customers and then walk their journey: their habits, routines, and choices while interacting in your marketplace. We identify entry and exit points as well as ups and downs of the customer experience. Teams build interventions to improve the experience with the goal of retaining customers, gaining new customers, and building greater loyalty.

Audience: Product Teams, Sales Teams, Leadership Teams

Outcome: A clear understanding of where you are losing customers and how to shift your strategy to keep them and improve your overall customer experience.



Counter Debate

Inspiration: The Oxford-style debate structure you may know from the Oxford Union or the popular podcast Intelligence Squared.

Description: In a moderated debate format complete with audience engagement, participants argue the merits of a specific topic, strategy, or idea, but with a twist: each participant is rated on how effectively they argue against a position they truly believe. This challenge illustrates the importance of seeing the other perspective and sheds light on the flaws or biases of our opinions. Great for sounding-out controversial and significant business decisions.

Audience: Board of Directors, Strategy Teams, Leadership Teams

Outcome: Leaders gain a greater understanding of the other perspective while identifying weak spots in their own strategy.



Dice Insights

Inspiration: Luke Rhinehart’s controversial cult classic book, The Dice Man. The story of a man who begins making life decisions based on the randomness of the roll of dice.

Description: This is not your typical ice breaker. This exercise takes away control. Your group is divided into small teams and given a die and a set of questions that span from personal preferences to opinions on industry trends. The die dictates which questions each person answers, forcing participants to submit to randomization, release control, share, and learn something new about a teammate. The exercise provides a deeper understanding of your colleagues on markets, strategy and their own personal aspirations. A great way to warm up the group before diving into the topic of discussion for the day.

Audience: Works for all audiences from a group of people who are meeting for the first time to teams who have worked together for 20+ years.

Outcome: A deeper understanding of your colleagues ‘perspectives on markets and strategy as well as their own personal aspirations.