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No leadership team is perfectly aligned all of the time, but we can try. There are many things that contribute to teams getting out of sync. Various management styles, diverse backgrounds, unique experiences, different motivations. These exercises are created to ensure that your leadership team is confident in its ability to get back on track after those inevitable periods of dysfunction. 



Brand Analog

Inspiration: All of those companies that think they are the Ubers, Amazons, and Apples of your industries. Let’s be a little less clichéd.

Description: Using leading brands across industries as analogs, this is a brand association exercise that prompts the team to discuss both the current and aspirational state or reputation of the business.

Audience: Strategy Teams, Leadership Teams, Board of Directors

Outcome: A clearer understanding of where you feel the organization is, and where its potential lies. Identifying alignment and unearthing disagreement.



Raison D’etre

Inspiration: Raison d’etre literally translates to “reason for being” and we all need one. Whether we are an individual person or a Fortune 500 corporation, understanding our core purpose helps define everything else.

Description: This exercise is a facilitated discussion during which we analyze the reason of existence for current companies in order to get to the root of yours by asking a series of questions to help us complete the statement: “We exist because without us X would not have Y.” The result is a clear calling for why your organization exists and how to measure success in quantitative and qualitative measures.

Audience: Strategy Teams, Leadership Teams, Board of Directors

Outcome: A clear calling for why your organization exists.



Vision & Mission

Inspiration: Many organizations confuse Mission and Vision, combining the two concepts into a singular statement on a lobby wall or an “About Us” section of a website. You’re better than that.

Description: We review a series of mission and vision statements from other organizations within and adjacent to your industry. We discuss their meaning and their fluff, their congruency and irony. Once we establish the foundation for what solid vision and mission statements look like, we moderate a session to complete the following statements for your organization:

Our Vision: A world in which______________________.

Our Mission: Contributing to fulfilling our vision by __________________.

Audience: Strategy Teams, Leadership Teams, Board of Directors

Outcome: Refreshed and aligned Vision and Mission statements for your organization that direct strategic decisions.



Red Lines

Inspiration: The power of “No” and the overwhelming number of options and choices leaders face.

Description: Most of our exercises are about what you will do, but this is about what you won’t do as an organization. We guide your team through scenarios that force them to make the optimal decisions to remain on the right side of the law, moral standards, and your organization’s core competencies, resulting in a list of things that you will not do as an organization.

Audience: Leadership Teams, Strategy Teams, Board of Directors

Outcome: A list of things that you will not do as an organization, releasing resources for priorities.



Divide and Conquer

Inspiration: Irvin Lester Janice’s theory of Groupthink, which occurs when a group values general agreement over accurate analysis and critical evaluation. Warning: Groupthink can cause individual members of the group to blindly follow the decisions of the larger group rather than speak out for what they actually believe.

Description: Participants are sent off on their own to answer a series of questions intended to make them think about the goals and initiatives of the company. Answers are captured anonymously in real time. The group then convenes to find all responses projected on a screen. We’ll identify areas of agreement and disagreement and devise and address topics that lack alignment. This exercise is an effective way to see where you don’t have consensus on important issues, and talk through resolutions. It’s also a great way for the more introverted members of your team to share their opinions.

Audience: Board of Directors, Strategy Teams, Leadership Teams

Outcome: Honest, diverse, inspiring responses you can't generate sitting around a conference table and consensus around an important issue. (*Also a great way to share the views of more introverted leadership members).



A Walk in the Woods

Inspiration: The great outdoors and the value of an honest conversation.

Description: You come ready to walk and willing to discuss your greatest hopes and fears and we’ll pummel you with questions as we interpret what it is that you really want to achieve. Great for gut-checking your vision – whether it’s for yourself, your team, your company, or all the above. All on the trail.

Audience: Leaders facing challenging decisions.

Outcome: A gut check and interpretation of your stream of consciousness.